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Frozen Orange-High Vg

Frozen Orange-High Vg


Frozen Orange!

Sweet, juicy and tangy Oranges captured in a frozen ice block.  

Tasting Notes:

Orange, Orange juice, Tangerine, Mandarin, cool ice finish. This does not contain Menthol.

This will be a finished 80 VG/ 20 PG mix

Great to vape right away but blends together with a few days steep.

Mixing Notes:

This 40 ml (6 mg) 50 ml (3 mg) non Nicotine containing bottle is 20% extra strong, so it can be vaped as it is for a extra flavour hit or can be diluted with up to 10 ml VG to make a 80vg/20pg mix!

Should you wish to add a nicotine containing solution or to create a standard mix please use the mix guide below.

Add your 10ml VG liquid to the bottle there is plenty of room. Shake vigorously for 1-2 min. Vape right away or leave to age/steep and shake now and again - Certain flavours do benefit from this, please see individual flavours for our recommendations.   

3 mg bottle

Adding                                               Final mix 

10 ml Vegetable Glycerine          60 ml 0 mg 70vg/30pg 

10 ml 9 mg VG solution              60 ml 1.5 mg 70vg/30pg

10 ml 18 mg VG solution            60 ml 3 mg 70vg/30pg

10 ml 36 mg VG solution            60 ml 6 mg 70vg/30pg

10 ml 72 mg VG solution            60 ml 12 mg 70vg/30pg

6 mg bottle:


20 ml 18 mg VG solution           60 ml 6 mg 70vg/30pg

20 ml 36 mg VG solution           60 ml 12 mg 70vg/30pg

Should 10 ml Propylene Glycol or Pg based Nicotine be added to the 3mg bottle the ratio would change to a 54 VG/46 PG Mix, the strength of nicotine would remain as above.

Adding the included 18 mg nicotine shot(s), simply squeeze all the smaller bottle into the big bottle, i find removing the cap using a small pair of pliers then tipping this in is easier though. 

You can also use your own variations, please do your research, a good place to start would be create recipe. 

The contents of the bottle are: 

3 mg bottle PG 12 ml, VG- 38 ml, Natural and Artificial flavourings, may contain traces of nuts.

6 mg bottle PG-12 ml, VG-28 ml, Natural and Artificial flavourings, may contain traces of nuts.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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