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Demdike E-flavour*

Demdike E-flavour*


This is an amazing blend of pink and white Grapefruit with POTENT citrus flavors. Think fresh grapefruit with a sugar sprinkle or a strong glass of grapefruit juice.

*This juice must be used with caution, I have tested this in polycarbonate tanks without any cracking issues but have noticed a slight swelling of the filling "o" rings on my vapour giant but all actual tank seals are fine. Snap dragon (RDA) seals have no damage either. This may not be the case for all devices. I would air on the side of caution and treat this as a full on tank cracker and only use with glass/metal tanks.

This Juice requires extra shaking and at least a week steeping and even then some separation of flavorings can occur. I almost did not release this liquid again due to this but have had many requests for it to be brought back so here it is.

*Grapefruit may also interfere with some medicines, how true this would be with vaping is unknown but please do your research and do not purchase if you have any doubts. 

Mixing Notes:

This 50ml non Nicotine containing bottle is 20% extra strong, so it can be vaped as it is for a extra flavour hit or can be diluted with up to 10ml VG to make a 70vg/30pg mix!

Should you wish to add a nicotine containing solution or to create a standard mix please use the mix guide below.

Add your 10ml VG liquid to the bottle there is plenty of room (these bottles can hold 70ml) Shake vigorously for 1-2 min. Vape right away or leave to age/steep and shake now and again - Certain flavours do benefit from this, please see individual flavours for our recommendations.   

Adding                                               Final mix 

10ml Vegetable Glycerin          60ml 0mg 70vg/30pg 

10ml 9mg VG solution              60ml 1.5mg 70vg/30pg

10ml 18mg VG solution            60ml 3mg 70vg/30pg

10ml 36mg VG solution            60ml 6 mg 70vg/30pg

10ml 72mg VG solution            60ml 12 mg 70vg/30pg

Should 10ml Propylene Glycol or Pg based Nicotine be added the ratio would change to a 54 VG/46 PG Mix, the strength of nicotine would remain as above.

Adding the included 18mg nicotine shot, simply squeeze all the smaller bottle into the big bottle, i find removing the cap using a small pair of pliers then tipping this in is easier though. 

You can also use your own variations, please do your research, a good place to start would be create recipe. 

The contents of the bottle are: 

PG-18ml, VG-32ml, Natural and Artificial flavorings, may contain traces of nuts.


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Customer Reviews

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