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Flavours of the world

Flavours of the world


Totally unique flavours of the world 

Agua Fresca 

Popular all around South America this translates to "cool waters", or literally "fresh waters". Sold by street vendors all over South America, this refreshing drink comes in many flavours. Our version is a mix of refreshing juiced watermelons, the juice of kaffir lime, a handfull of crushed mint leaves and sugar cane infused spring water. A totally refreshing flavour.


Bissap is a juice made from the species of the hibiscus flower known as the Roselle. It is a hugley popular drink all around West and North Africa, but versions also exist across the Caribbean. This vesion blends the delicate, slightly floral and tangy flavour of hibiscus with the juice of fresh pomagranite and a dash of juiced ginger root. A totally unique flavour this should be steeped for 5 days after adding the dilutants to really appreciate the flavour. *

Nimbu Pani

Nimbu Pani is a type of lemonade originating from the Punjab region in India. It can be found all around India sold by street vendors as a cool refreshing drink to beat the intense heat. This version combines squeezed lemon juice infused with vanilla pods, a grind of fresh black pepper and a stir of Jaggery (Indian cane sugar) finished with crushed mint leaves and a wedge of lime.

Horchata de Coco

Horchata is a popular drink all around South America and beyond. This particular version takes inspiration from the Mexican version of the famous spiced rice milk drink. Ours combines blended rice and almond milk and a subtle hint of spices with the addiditon of creamy coconut milk and smooth vanilla, poured over crushed ice! A delicious creamy milk drink with hints of chocolate.


  • All these blends are a finished 70vg/30pg mix.
  • Bottles are 60ml shortfill size
  • We would recommend a few days steep on all these flavours, apart from Bissap which does need at least 4-5 days. The others are good right away but do benifit from a few days steep.
  • Choosing the 30ml flavour only option -this will come in a 60ml bottle with 30ml of liquid, this will need to have 30ml of dilutants added to make a finished product. The 50ml option will need 10ml of dilutants added. These are designed for you to add your own nicotine and change the ratio of pg/vg if desired.
  • 3mg comes filled with 50ml, 6mg filled with 40ml and 9mg filled with 30ml of liquid. Top these up with the included Nic shots to make a finished 60ml of 70vg/30pg liquid.
  • * Bissap is not kind on coils even though this juice contains no added sweetner. I tried to develop this juice with different flavour pairings to combat this, but this version is the best and very much worth it in my opinion. As with all our liquids we recommend the use of rebuildable atomizers rather than stock coils.



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