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Dibnah's Delight Concentrate 15 ML (limited edition)

Dibnah's Delight Concentrate 15 ML (limited edition)


The original Dibnah's Delight in Concentrate.

After a hard days Steeple Jacking and tinkering with his steam engine, good old Fred loved nothing better then getting home to his Dibnah's Delight!

 Tasting Notes:

Custard, Pastry, Banana, Pie, hints of vanilla.

This can be mixed at 20% (2 ml per 10 ml) to make a perfect replica of our pre-made liquid. Or experiment to made your own unique blends. The 15 ml bottle will be enough to make 75 ml of finished liquid.

Natural and artificial flavouring in PG

Maximum of 2 bottles per order

This must be diluted before use and does not contain nicotine.

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Customer Reviews

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